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Part of owning a car is knowing the important details of the car such as the car tyre size because there might come a day โ€ฆ

Many of us travel long distances several times a month (occasions include: kawan kahwin la, rumah terbuka, saja nak makan-makan, visit family, etc) or at โ€ฆ

Don’t get panic over low juice of your GoEV. All of our GoEV come with a chargEV card which allows you to juice up your โ€ฆ

Are you new to electric cars and but the thought of using GoEV makes your head spin because of all the uncertainties? Buckle up, let’s โ€ฆ

Not every EV charging station is compatible with the Nissan Leaf available on GoEV.  If you are wondering what other charging station beside GoEV Hubs, โ€ฆ

Range anxiety is real when driving an electric vehicle. And the best solution to this is PRE-PLANNING your trip. We cannot stress enough how important โ€ฆ

Across the world – electric car sharing has been gaining in popularity. As the first company to offer EV car sharing, there’s just so many โ€ฆ

We know the anxiety when you are rushing for a date and you got stuck in LRT because of LRT is under maintenance, or you’ve โ€ฆ

Hello GoCar newbies! If you’re using a GoCar and stuck in traffic (a regular occurrence for most of us these days lol), you might be โ€ฆ

This one goes out to our southern GoFam, book like a PRO in Johor Bahru!  You can now book a GoCar whenever you are in โ€ฆ

Takut tak dapat balik for this Raya Haji sebab semua dah fully booked? Bak kata pepatah – sediakan payung sebelum hujan, lebih baik kita pre-book โ€ฆ

We are excited to announce that GoCar Garage now is available at multiple locations around Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang & Melaka!  All you need โ€ฆ

What’s the thrill of booking a car only to drive it around the block but still having to stress about the mileage? What if all โ€ฆ

At GoCar, we believe in making mobility simpler and more convenient, using technology. We truly believe that sharing goes beyond. that would contribute to reducing โ€ฆ

School holiday time is just around the corner! Time to de-stress and explore Malaysia. Hooray! 🥳 Need a ride? We’ve got you covered with up โ€ฆ