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3 Simple Ways to Get Rewarded with GoPocket points

Remember when we introduced GoPocket and told you guys to hang tight while we work on our rewards? Well, today is the day.

And it’s super simple to get rewarded because it’s already the things that you’ve been doing all this while. Find out how you can earn more GoPocket points on your next booking below.

1. Book A GoCar

Doesn’t matter if it’s an hour or a day, score 3% GoPocket points when you make a GoCar booking with us. 

2. Return On Time

Instead of coffee, turn Punctuali tea into your next go-to drink. Get another 2% GoPocket points when you return the GoCar on time.

3. Return at the Right Spot

It pays to be right. Literally. Just return the GoCar to the location that’s been indicated in the app and the other 2% is yours.

And that’s it. Told you it’s simple.

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