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From GoCar Sharing to Subscription.

In the midst of this global pandemic, businesses have been left asking themselves – what now? This was exactly what happened to us at GoCar (check out our 2020 insights here). As COVID-19 resulted in frequent travel restrictions, we shifted to meet consumer’s needs for longer term mobility solutions. Subscription was one of the new ways to make it easier for users to get easy access to transportation during these challenging times.

What exactly is car subscription?

Car Subscription is still a relatively new concept to Malaysians. But we at GoCar are firm believers that consumers are looking for new alternatives to the traditional car ownership model. In our recent survey, we found that customers were looking for alternatives to 7 – 9 year bank loans, and not having to worry about the resale value of their car at the end of the loan tenure.

With further fine-tuning and streamlining based on customer needs and feedback, we structured our subscription at a single price point for 5 simplified categories: Econ, Base, Plus, Exec and Luxe.

SWAP: every consumer’s dream come true

GoCar Subs also offers SWAP, where customers have the flexibility to change to other models within the GoCar Subs garage up to two times a year.

SWAP is open to any category, which means more flexibility for customers to swap up or down, based on their needs and budgetary considerations. More importantly, the monthly fee and security deposit will be adjusted based on the vehicle category. What this means is users can choose the Base category as their primary subscription plan and Swap up to the Exec category for a premium or larger model.

Subscription has proven to be very relevant amidst the pandemic and economic downturn, as many people prefer the safer option of private transportation without the challenges of securing a loan to purchase one. Also, Subscription does not affect your credit rating (CTOS and CCRIS).

Subscribe to brand new in-demand models

GoCar Subs has just launched 4 brand-new in-demand models. Highly popular amongst Malaysian consumers, these new models on GoCar Subs’ platform are the New Nissan Almera TurboNew Honda City,  New Proton X50 and New Mitsubishi Xpander. The expansion of GoCar Subs’ garage is in line with our obsession in delivering customer experience that is truly appreciated.

How does GoCar Subs stack up against Hire Purchase?

We’ve done the calculation:

Total Cost for 1st year excludes security deposit excluded as it is refundable.

Furthermore, customers of GoCar Subs will enjoy the benefit of being part of the most affordable multi-brand car subscription program in the market, and they also need not worry about being locked-in to long-term loan tenures and vehicle depreciation costs.

Give subscription a try with our monthly plans

With a wide range of models available to subscribe to, GoCar Subs will be looking to add on more new models into our garage in coming months. And if you’re an existing GoCar member, stay tuned for more exciting news coming your way.

If you’re looking for hourly / daily or monthly / yearly mobility solutions, we at GoCar are working tirelessly to ensure we have a vehicle that will meet your needs. From functional and affordable, to performance machines for special events, we believe that you will be able to Share or Subscribe with GoCar.

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Check out the models available on GoCar Subs now.