Things to Know

[GoCar X Beam] Electric Goes All The Way⚡🛴

oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! BEAM is now at GoEV Petaling Jaya hub. 

Just like we’ve said, we’re taking electric all the way! Come on down and take on the electric experience yourself from BEAM scooters to our GoEV hero,  the Nissan Leaf. 

One of our colleague is planning to take GoEV to Putrajaya and then stroll around the lakeside with the Beam (you can’t bring Beam scooter in the car, but they’re available by the lakeside) Now, isn’t that some idea? 

GoCar user gets RM6 BEAM credit by applying this promo code in the BEAM app : GOCARXBEAM 

Things to know:


You can download the Beam E-Scooter app from the App Store / Play Store, then you can proceed with the registration process in the following order: mobile phone authentication, personal information registration and privacy agreement.

Currently BEAM charge RM 0.60 per minute as soon as the ride starts.

For the current MCO period there is also a promotion from 6am to 6pm on weekdays where the price is reduced to RM 0.45 per minute.

No unlock fee is included.

You can refer to the white area(marked with a red outline) on the Beam app for the exact locations of parking spots and the operating zone.

Please note that you will be unable to start a ride outside of our operating zone.

You can end your trip at a BEAM parking spot or outside of a parking spot. The parking spots are marked on the map in the app with a “P” sign. If you end your trip and park the scooter anywhere other than these Beam spots, you may be charged a convenience fee.

BEAM provides personal accident insurance for all registered riders, provided the rider adheres to the relevant legislation governing e-scooters (e.g. minimum age requirement). If you have been in an accident, please contact Customer Support as soon as possible.