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How to Know When Your Car Is Due for Maintenance? 🔍🧐

Many of us travel long distances several times a month (occasions include: kawan kahwin la, rumah terbuka, saja nak makan-makan, visit family, etc) or at the very least, do a lot of city driving. We tend to overlook the service and maintenance aspect of car care which ensures a smooth and safe driving experience.


When your car is still within the warranty period, it is likely that you will be sending it back to the authorised service centre for regular servicing or repairs. The standard procedure at such places is to stick a reminder on your windscreen for your next service, but this is not always the case at independent service centres. While it is always advisable to take your car in for a check every six months, it might sometimes let you know on its own that something is not quite right.


Most modern cars will show an indication on the instrument panel when your car is due for servicinge. If the light is on, it’s time to visit a service centre or workshop to get the necessary work done by professionals. The check engine light, however, is a telltale sign of a problem. A workshop or garage will either be able to manually diagnose this issue or discover the fault by plugging in a diagnostic device. 


If you notice abnormal sounds whilst driving, this is usually an indication of a problem. This can include – dragging sounds coming from the wheels, engine sounding louder than normal, metallic whirring sounds or brakes squealing loudly. Describing the sound in detail, where it’s coming from and also the conditions in which you can hear it, such as when the engine is still cold or when driving uphill, will help your workshop or Garage determine the source of the problem.


Most leaks coming from your car are a clear indicator to bring your car to a garage ASAP. You can tell if your car is leaking from stains/spills from where it is parked. Look out for any dark colored stains (oil or brake fluid leaks) or unusual leaking from car exhaust pipes. Be very careful when it comes to leaks, as car fluids are needed to keep connected parts running smoothly against each other. An engine without oil is an engine that will seize if you try to run it.


Problems with your car’s steering can be extremely dangerous and should be checked immediately. This includes – your car swerving to one side when you accelerate hard or hit the brakes or increased weight when turning the wheel. Steering issues could simply be caused by tyres that are due for replacement or in more serious cases, by worn out absorbers or steering components.


If you notice smoke coming from under your car’s hood, it could be an indicator of an overheating problem with your engine and you should stop driving immediately to avoid further damage. Excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe, on the other hand, could be a sign of an oil leak or a problem with the exhaust system, especially if the smoke is white or blue. Black smoke is a sign that your car is burning more fuel than it should, which is also a problem. For all these circumstances, it is best to take your car to a professional garage for inspection. 

These symptoms can be daunting if you’re not familiar with them, and if the underlying problems are not addressed they could potentially damage your car even further. Not sure where to go? Check out our range of Garages on the GoCar app and book an appointment through the app to get an expert to inspect your car for you.

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