Things to Know

The GoEV User Guide

If you’re not sure about what’s in store when booking a GoEV, read on for some important things you need to know when you START, CHARGE and END your trip.

If it’s your first time using GoEV, check out some key steps here that will sure to be useful.

GoEV car should have the EV cable plugged in. DO NOT unplug the vehicle without unlocking the car (if its not plugged in, its ok).

Launch your GoCar mobile app, click START TRIP under In Progress / Upcoming in My Bookings section. Take photos to record the condition of the GoEV as usual and Unlock the vehicle.

Check to make sure you have the ChargEV card on the sun visor and EV cable in the boot of the car. Take photos to document that you have these items available during START of your trip.

To remove the EV cable, please open the door and press these 2 buttons located at the driver’s bottom right side.

Roll up and put the EV charger cable back on the cable hook and you’re ready to start your trip.
(P/S: please help to put the GoEV standee back at the parking spot so that no other drivers will take your spot when you return).

Need to charge your GoEV. Best to plan ahead. GoEV comes with FREE access to ChargEV chargers. You can view all chargEV locations via the chargEV mobile app OR visit their website.

ChargEV is a public EV charging facility. For assistance on ChargEV, contact 011-23373387

Park at a ChargEV spot. No additional fee to use charger, but parking charges may still apply

View list of ChargEV locations via the charEV mobile app or their website.

Press these 2 buttons located at the driver’s bottom right side to open the EV charge port.

Take the EV cables from the car boot and plug it into the car and the EV charger.

Tap the ChargEV card on the top of charger to activate the charger. There may be different maximum hours allowed when charging. Please adhere to the instructions listed on the ChargEV app / standee.

Ensure the light on the EV charger is blue and blue
lights at the front of the GoEV should light up to tell you it is charging.

To remove the EV cable:
Car: press the 2 buttons located inside the driver right hand side
Charger: tap the chargEV card on the charging station to release the cable (light will turn yellow)

Things to take note when returning your GoEV to ensure we continue to pass on the enjoyable experience to the next GoEV user.

Park the GoEV back at the designated GoEV spot.

Press these 2 buttons located at the driver’s bottom right side to open the EV charge port.

Use the EV cable that is connected on the EV charger to connect to the car.

Once the GoEV is charging, you can proceed to launch the GoCar mobile app to end your trip.

Upload photos of your ChargEV card & EV cable in the boot to document that these items are present the point of return.

(P/S: please help to put the GoEV standee back)

Have some other questions? Check out our FAQ here.

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