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Weekend Trip: Explore These 5 Places Now

There’s no time better than now to discover our own backyard. Some of these locations here are on my bucket list and since I’ve yet to experience them myself, please explore these places on my behalf and let me know where else you guys have been! In case you’re wondering, Pantai Kemasik is high on my list.

Only 10km from the town of Kijal lies one of Terengganu’s gems, Pantai Kemasik. Featuring a stretch of golden sands, rocky formations sitting at the edge of the water, and an inner lagoon, this is a photographer’s paradise. Stay for the sunset or if you’d like to take a panoramic shot, we’d recommend climbing the rocks for the best view (I know I will). Just make sure you’re taking safety precautions.

If you’re driving, key in “Taman Tugu Nursery” on Google Maps or Waze as that’s where the trails begin. Photo courtesy of Taman Tugu Project

Excellent for beginner hikers, Taman Tugu Forest Trail’s lush greenery also provides a quick escape from the concrete jungle. Think palm oil trees imported from West Africa by the British and over 4,000 indigenous Malaysian rainforest trees to be transplanted in this urban jungle, the gentle slopes and clearly marked trails will keep this hiking session an easy one even if you’re exploring with younger children.

Lata Medang Waterfall, Kuala Kubu Bharu

What’s your version of heaven? For some of us (I mean me), it’s plunging into the icy cold waters of the falls after a long hike. Here’s a suggestion: Lata Medang. Only 7.3 km long, this trail is a rewarding one because there are 2 waterfalls (Lubuk Mecu and Lata Medang) waiting for you along the way. Tip: always exercise caution when you’re at the falls as the rock surfaces are often slippery and the current can be strong and unpredictable. 

Photo by Svetlana Kuznetsova on Unsplash

Hike, bike, or a family picnic, take your pick. Ok, maybe not cycling since it’s closed at the moment. But if you’d like to spend some quality time in the outdoors with your family and don’t particularly enjoy the heat like me, head over to the Sungai Kroh Picnic Area in the morning. Before calling it a day, why don’t you guys take a relaxing stroll in the Kepong Botanic Gardens too?

Kedah Paddy Fields

Photo by Sergei Akulich from Pexels

There’s something so satisfying and mesmerising about the paddy fields. Growing up in the north, I’ve seen my fair share but I can’t help and still get excited every time I see one. Whether it’s fields of emerald green or shoots of golden paddy during harvest season, it’s always a breathtaking sight. My personal favourite is that little town of Yan.

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