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What Do You Miss and Look Forward to Doing After MCO?

After our PM’s announcement yesterday, I went through the exact roller coaster of emotions when one finds out it’s 8 pm and no restaurants are open. Anyway, what do you do when you’re going to be house-bound for almost two months? You make a list of things that you miss and dream of doing when everything is over. I can’t be the only one here.

Someone back me up, please. No? Ok. Hope you enjoy my list of things then.

What I Miss

  1. Dates with the pool after work
  1. Figuring out where to have lunch 
  1. People stopping by my desk for a “quick” chat (it never is)
  1. Any conversation that keeps lunch or dinner going with friends
  1. Breakfasts at Lai Fung 
  2. For some reason that I can’t understand —  driving to work

What I'm Looking Forward to

  1. Keeping a distance with people without feeling guilty and this will be my official reason: we can’t let our healthcare frontliners’ efforts go waste! (Before I forget, if you’re a healthcare frontliner, talk to us because we’re providing free cars and petrol with Shell for you)
  1. Stop insulting my body because this new routine has been messing with my eating habits
  1. Stepping out of my house for fresh air and not have to worry about anything beyond the gate to be the COVID-19 virus (don’t judge)
  1. Getting a long overdue hair cut
  1. T A L K, not type. Brain is dead. Fingers are tired. Ironic because it’s my job to write


What do you miss doing and what are your plans after the MCO has been lifted? Talk to me in the comments section below (!) because things can get a little crazy when your closest friends have been the walls or the occasional sparrow perched on the windowsill.

13 thoughts on “What Do You Miss and Look Forward to Doing After MCO?

  1. I miss going out to buy coffee and random plans to hang out after work a.k.a occasionally “forcing” Maria to go makan and drink makgeoli or soju. 🙂

    1. Now that the outside world is so close yet so far, I’m really liking the sound of random plans to hangout. The word “out” gets me every single time. Now I know how pets feel like.

  2. I miss the fact of I could drive around and have random travel plan. Now, I can only travel from my bedroom to living room and so and so. I almost forgot how beautiful of outside is. Remind me of that please.

  3. super craving and dying for steamboat, bbq 🥘🍖🍢…all the food that goes best with a group of people 😭😭😭😭

    ps: i feel you about typing

    1. This MCO has revealed many things about myself and one of the things is how much I miss hanging out with a group of people. YES TO BBQ!

  4. This blog is so relatable in so many levels! I miss looking forward to weekends and having Monday Blues! I really miss hanging out by the poolside getting semi tan. Definitely would love to hang out with friends and colleagues once this MCO is lifted!

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