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Coronavirus Update: What is Social Distancing​?

We’ve been hearing this term “social distancing” ever since we’ve been told to duduk rumah by our PM. Does that mean it’s a curfew? Can we leave our homes? How far is safe enough?

We know you have lots of questions about social distancing so let’s start answering your burning questions.

What is social distancing?

According to the University of Malaya’s public health medicine specialist and professor of epidemiology, Dr Awg Bulgiba Awg Mahmud, social distancing is “an infection control measure to reduce transmission from infected people to susceptible individuals. This works by increasing the physical distance between people or reducing the frequency of congregation in socially dense community settings, such as schools, universities or workplaces”.

And that means if you can afford to work from home instead of the office, always choose the former.

How far should I stay away from other people?

Still too close, but you get it

According to BBC Health Reporter, Laura Foster, it should be 2 metres away from everyone else. “Imagine you’re holding a big broom. You’ll be the correct distance away if you can’t touch anyone with it.” 

Can I dine outside?

Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Ever heard of too close for comfort? Now isn’t the time to be bumping shoulders with people. Instead, take this opportunity to make your own meals and eat healthier during this period of time (we’re very proud of our colleague, Ashley). If unfortunately, you’re more of an undomestic god/goddess, you can always opt for delivery services or takeaways.

Can I go to the supermarket?

Absolutely. As we’re not under a curfew, you can still go out to run errands. Just pick a time when it’s least likely to be crowded and keep your trips short. Also, please remember to sanitise your hands in between. Don’t panic buy too.

What about exercising outdoors?

This is not going to be happening for quite some time.
Photo by theformfitness from Pexels

Unfortunately, it’s a no as of now but on the bright side, it’s only for two weeks. Fingers crossed there is no need for the authorities to extend the movement control order (MCO) period. 

I want to balik kampung…

We understand it’s a strange and stressful time to be on your own especially when you’re away from your family and friends. How about doing a virtual hangout instead? 

How long should we practice social distancing?

We don’t know yet as the situation keeps evolving but as long as we keep our distance, we can help to slow the pandemic down and lessen the burden on our healthcare system. So let’s keep doing that and hope for the best.

TL;DR Guys, please stay at home. Minimise contact with people. Carry a big broom with you when you’re out so you can be sure that you’re in the safe zone.

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  1. I have been staying and working from home for 2 weeks, just going out for shopping neccessities. The streets have never been this sad before. But social distancing is the easiest way to save us all.

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