Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get answers to frequently asked questions about GoCar, including sign-up, requirements, returns, and rescheduling bookings.

Yes. Just email us at with the subject line “[URGENT] Booking Rescheduling” at least 12 hours in advance. Please remember to include your current reservation details and the changes you’d like to make in the email.

To be a GoCar member, you must be between 18 to 75 years old with a valid:

1. P licence / Full licence / International Driving Permit

2. Credit / Debit Card

3. Malaysian / SG / Indonesian phone numbers

Yes, a one-time RM20 membership fee (non-refundable) will be collected on your first booking.

Yes, you can sign up for a GoCar account if you are above 18 and hold a P licence.

Yes, and this applies for Free Floating trips only. Tap on the “Free Floating” icon on the GoCar app to get started. To end your Free Floating trip, please return the car to any of our designated building parking or street parking.

While we have a dedicated fleet team that cleans the cars, you can also send the car for a wash. Just show us the official car wash receipt and you’ll be reimbursed with GoPocket points worth RM20.

Our rates do not include petrol but our mileage is unlimited (with no extra charges)! Also, please remember refuel to the level you started before ending your GoCar session. Failure to do so will incur a penalty of RM20 per fuel bar.

Yes, you can drive into Singapore. But before you do so, please write to our team at at least 7 working days before your trip so we can assist you in preparing the necessary travelling documents.

We’ve introduced a dynamic pricing system to calculate the best prices at your selected location. This means if there are more cars available at a location, you get to enjoy cheaper rates.

The RM1 charge is actually a security verification of your card done by our payment processor. But don’t worry, it will be returned to you!

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